When Hope is Lost

When Hope is Lost

Hope is something that keeps and sustains us during hard times. It’s like the shore we see in the distance when the water is choppy while we’re in the boat. We hope we can just make it to the shore. Or we hope we can just make it through all of the treatments. We hope we can just stretch our money until the end of the month when the net paycheck comes.

Hope gives life where there seems to be none. It gives us the extra strength we need to keep on running the race. the Bible says to hope in God. He is the ultimate source of hope. Money can disappear (make wings and fly away according to the Bible). Treatments can fail and people can disappoint, but God is everlasting. He can be trusted.

We can put all of our hope in Him and not be disappointed. We can’t look at Him as we would a person who disappoints. God loves us, never leases us nor forsakes us. He saved us. Jesus died for us. He gives us grace and mercy, so if your hope is failing, try something different. Don’t hope in people or things, HOPE IN GOD!

How will you shine today?

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