Wake Up

Wake Up

Some days I wake up in the morning extremely tired. I don’t want to get out of my warm bed. I can’t think clearly and I don’t want to move I just want to stay under the covers and be warm and cozy. We’ve all had days like this.

On days like this I don’t accomplish much. My mind isn’t sharp and I miss things. I drag myself through my morning routine. I ‘show up’, but I don’t bring much to the table.

Our spiritual lives can be this way. We don’t want to ‘wake up’. Maybe we aren’t saved and have no interest in God. Maybe we are saved, but that’s it. We aren’t going to church. We aren’t working in the church. We aren’t doing anything to improve our spiritual life and we aren’t using our spiritual gifts to glorify God.

Are we representing Christ well this way? Are we ambassadors of His kingdom? Would anyone want to emigrate to the heavenly home we represent?

It’s time to wake up! We’ve been lulled to a contented sleep while a war rages. A war for our souls and the souls of others. Wake up church and join the spiritual battle.

How will you shine today?

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