Suits On

Suits On

In the movie the Avengers there is a scene where tensions are high among the heroes and two of the main characters are about to get into a fight with one another. Suddenly something happens and they realize they need to suit up for battle against the enemy and not one another. One of them exclaims ‘put on the suit’!

This can happen to us in our everyday lives. We are busy fighting with family, friends, and church members about small matters, meanwhile the enemy is subtly advancing. His troops are surrounding us and we’re not aware of it. His goal is to render us ineffective or even wipe us out completely.

We need to look around us and take stock of what’s really going on and what God is asking us to do. We need to prepare for battle against the enemy by being properly suited. As Christians we have armor. It’s not physical armor, but spiritual armor. You can read about this ‘Armor of God’ in Ephesians chapter 6 verses 10-18.

This armor provides protection against attacks from the enemy. As you read and meditate on those verses ask God to give you understanding of what the armor is and how to use it.

So put on your suit! That is…the armor of God!

How will you shine today?

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