Spiritual Gardening

Spiritual Gardening

When dealing with sin it sometimes helps to get to the root of the issue. That made me think about gardening, so I did a search online to find some gardening tips since I have limited experience with gardening. When I read the tips on the Miracle Gro and other websites I immediately associated those tips with how we can begin to conquer and overcome sin in our lives. 

Tip 1: ‘Site it right’

Placing your garden where you can see it increases the likelihood you’ll spend time in it. Spiritually we need to spend time in the Word of God. Practically speaking, if we keep the Bible physically close, perhaps next to the bed or have a Bible app on our phone/device we will be more likely to read it.

Tip 2: ‘Follow the sun”

Placement of a garden is dependent on sunlight. Plants need sun to grow. Spiritually we need the ‘Son’ of God. Jesus died on the cross for us. If we accept what Jesus did for us (Romans 10:9) we’re starting on the right path.

Jesus lived in this world and faced some of the struggles that we face today. He was tempted. People disliked him. He was misunderstood. His friends left him when He needed them most. 

In spite of all of that Jesus stayed connected to His Father in heaven. He spent time alone to pray and He did the will of His Father. We have an example that we can follow throughout our lives.

Tip 3: Stay close to water

Plants need water to sustain them. 

In Psalm 1 we are told blessed is the man who delights in and meditates on the law of the Lord day and night. He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that yields its fruit in its season.  

If we do what the Psalm says we will be sustained by God just like a plant close to a good water source.

Tip 4: Start with great soil

Good soil provides vital nutrients for a plant to live and grow. 

In Matthew 13 Jesus tells the parable of the sower. The parable talks about a sower sowing seeds in the ground and what happens to them.

Some of the seeds fell by the wayside/roadside and were devoured.

Some of the seeds fell on rocky ground where there wasn’t much soil and were scorched by the sun

Some of the seeds fell among thorns and were choked by the thorns

Then finally were the seeds that fell among good soil. Those were the seeds that brought forth a crop.

The seeds represent the Word of God. Later in Matthew 13 Jesus explains the meaning of the parable and the results of the seeds falling into the wrong kind of soil. We want to be like the seeds in the good soil.

Tip 5: Consider containers

Keeping plants in containers can be a benefit when trying to protect them from disease or insects because you can control the quality of the soil.

This makes me think about the influences in our lives and the company we keep. Sometimes we need to ‘contain’ our environment to limit our exposure to destructive people and influences. While moving away from negative people and circumstances try to find some ‘good soil’ to plant yourself in. Perhaps find a church where they are teaching the truth of God’s word or some friends who will encourage and uplift you.

Next time I’ll share 5 more thoughts based on gardening tips to encourage growth in the right direction.

Give the tips I shared some thought and ask God to guide you.

How will you shine today? 

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