Press the Pause Button

Press the Pause Button

And we’re off…ready, set, go!

What a busy season we’re in right now. We’ve cooked, decorated, planned, and shopped since at least Thanksgiving. Now we’re running around to pick up last minute gifts or ordering them online hoping they will arrive on time. We are so busy right now! (Unless you’re one of the super organized types that finished shopping months ago and are totally ready with gifts wrapped, cookies baked, and are in the process of planning out 2024…if that’s you, I might be just the slightest bit envious)! 😉

Seriously though, I feel like a pause is needed. Just a short pause like when we’re watching a movie at home and we need to do something else. We press the pause button on the remote. In life we can’t actually pause time, but we can take time out of our busy schedules to remember what this season, Christmas, is all about. We can acknowledge Jesus, the one whom we are celebrating.

The story of the birth of Jesus can be found in the Bible in Luke chapter 2.

Jesus wasn’t born in a king’s castle. He didn’t have servants attending him, yet He is a King. He was born to die for us. He lived an unimaginable life and died an unimaginable death for us. He did it because he loves us and because no one else could do it. NO one could love like that, forgive like that, sacrifice like that or die like that. So as we pause, let’s shift our focus to Him, to Jesus and the amazing love He’s shown us. Let’s be thankful that we made it this far. Let’s reflect on what God brought us through and kept us from.

I am thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for me! I thank God for the very breath in my body, the breath I am breathing this very moment. As you pause, maybe you will take time to read Luke chapter 2 and will reflect on his unfailing love for you and get to know him better.

How will you shine today?

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