Miser Mentality

Miser Mentality

Tis the season for giving! There are bright lights and beautiful trees with ornaments everywhere. 

I walked into several stores recently and experienced sticker shock. As we all know prices have gone up this year, but as a bargain shopper I am always looking for a good sale. A sale with an added coupon is even better, but looking at some of these prices it made me want to turn around and walk right out of the store. 

This made me think how we need to be careful not to have a miser mentality, especially this time of year. A miser is defined as a person who hoards wealth and spends as little money as possible. I picture Ebenezer Scrooge from ‘A Christmas Carol’ lol. I don’t want to be like that guy, and I’m not overly fond of being haunted in my dreams either.

When I think about the real reason for the Christmas season…the gift I received in Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger to ultimately die for my sins, how can I not feel thankful for the love I received. It makes me want to share with others. 

The wonderful thing about a gift is it doesn’t need to come from a store. There are so many ways to give to others (family, friends, or strangers). I’ll share a few ideas, but don’t be limited by this list of course. There are many imaginative ways to be kind.

  • A hug – there are so many lonely people, a hug may be just what someone needs. Of course you can’t just go around grabbing people and hugging them (especially since we are all trying to stay healthy and respect people’s personal space), but under the right circumstance and with the right intent it can bring a smile to someone’s face
  • A meal/baked item – for those who are culinarily challenged there are tons of recipes that can be found via a quick google search. You can try a recipe on your own and share it as a gift or cook with others.
  • Handmade creations for those who are artistic. Even if you’re not artistic go for it. It’s the thought that counts right? Just don’t be upset if you find your ‘creation’ in the trash can (a reasonable amount of time) later. 
  • Spend some time – have a game night, a cup of coffee, or a movie night with family or friends

The idea is to shake off the miser mentality and share some love or joy with those around you.

And don’t forget to treat yourself! Many times the person we show love to the least is the person in the mirror, so show yourself some love too!

How will you shine today?

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