Have I told you lately…

Have I told you lately…

Have you told your loved ones lately how much they mean to you or that you love them? Or would you have to say well actually no, because I’ve been too busy dwelling on minor offenses, past hurts and frustrations?

Life is short, really short. Seasons change so quickly. Summer comes to an end and another school year begins. Time and life march forward rapidly.

Do you really have time to hold on to old baggage or would you rather be free and happy? Just like we have to remove clutter from our homes, we have to remove this emotional baggage from our minds and our hearts. Then we can be free to laugh, to sing, to love, to use our gifts and talents.

Declutter your mind, let go of some things, and release yourself and others from bondage. Forgive and let your spouse, children, family member, and /or friend know just how much they mean to you.

Choose to let your light shine today!

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